About Us

Kerry Kaplanchuk

Kerry has been at the core of the company since it began October 1st 1986, doing the estimates, repairs, and installations. He has made it his priority to create a personal connection with customers, and uses only top quality products and high standards of workmanship.

Darlene Kaplanchuk

Darlene has been a vital part of the company from day one as the business manager, looking after the entire office, scheduling, bookkeeping, secretarial, etc.

Chris Kaplanchuk

Chris has been learning the basic trades from the young age of five, always involved in home projects, and on job sites from his mid teens (when school allowed for it). He began as a full time apprentice in September 2010, and has just completed his first year level of Refrigeration Mechanic training.

Together, our team has a strong work ethic and feel that there is no substitute for quality; we believe that maintaining a strong reputation is the key to a successful future.