Monthly Archives: July 2012

Air Conditioning Installation Maple Ridge Testimonial

A couple of weeks ago, Kerry and Chris installed two split air conditioning systems in our home.  With the recent heat wave, we’ve been really enjoying the new systems in our home.

The system allows us to cool specific zones within the home if we wish, or to cool the entire floor of the house.  The systems are amazingly quiet and energy efficient and they even came with easy to use remote controls.

Chris and Kerry did an amazing job with the installation.  The systems were installed professionally, the job was done right, and they didn’t cut any corners.  They ran the electrical for both of the units, all the piping, drainage and everything required to get the units installed.

They were on-time for the installation, completed it within the allotted time and everything that was required for the installation from our side was explained ahead of time.  Unlike our experience with some other contractors, there were no last minute surprises.

Overall we are extremely happy with Chris and Kerry at Meadow Ridge Custom Heating and the new air conditioning systems they installed at our house.

~ Paul and Andrea Piotrowski, Maple Ridge, BC